Exo concept car 3 design by mark beccaloni mauro fragiotta

Exo ECC - front view

Exo concept car 2 design by mark beccaloni mauro fragiotta

Exo ECC - rear view

Exo concept car 2 design by mark beccaloni mauro fragiotta 2

Exo ECC - top view

Exo Electric City Car

not another silly Electric City Car, it is designed to change the transportation world!

We wanted to design a electric city car and rationalize the concept of minimum, so on we decided to build the first naked geodesic car in the world. Complexity in car design is a matter of fact,there are lots of elements to keep in consideration. No other sector like transportation needs more rethinking than car design in these terms. So on, we removed all the outskirts and formed a external chassis on a safety first basis. This instantly meant a lighter, cheaper and faster car.

We have a strong belief in this object since it's one of a kind,and we later discovered that the only person who ever tried to design a geodesic vehicle before us was grandmaster "Buckminster Fuller." In all senses we: "formed forces forcing form." The large number of folds added strength to the whole structure,just like a solid crystalline structure (since the mathematics governing such modeling systems are far more near to what you would see under a microscope that anyone would think). This ended up in developing a rigid NURBS exostructure to both keep the occupants safe and reduce the number of components. We imagined the car as a "naked plastic moulded structure" by removing all the usual outskirts that you would find in a common car. We applied more electronics (already available technologies) reducing the mechanics to a efficient and simple drive-by-wire system (all the illumination is LED in order to reduce energy consumption and lamp failures).

We are sure that this is the present and not the future and we will do our best to prove it since we had very good feedback from very famous and experienced designers.

Risks and Challenges

A variety of advanced technologies, hard to find and put together in a single object. The project will be typically considered as controversial by the automotive industries, although today, this can actually be developed very easily.

Update: EXO EV "Carbon"/"black" edition

June 9, 2014

an update to the project,a new finish available! check the link for the latest pics! (and please follow our Facebook page!) https://www.facebook.com/1489821784584489/photos/a.1492401350993199.1073741829.1489821784584489/1492404060992928/?type=1&theater