Lampe 2







Become your own factory at home with LIGHTiD ! Built in 15 minute a personal lamp for your home.

The idea of the Lightid is not to offer a finished manufactured product but some tools to create your own pieces.

With the help of a 3D printer, I have created several forms which will aim at creating 9x9 cm silicon prints with different designs.
The machine is composed of:
Two forms for the basis (ceiling lighting or table lighting)
Two curved supports are assembled around the chosen forms.
All together are to be put on the socle.
A cylinder has to be put on the top in order to create the inside of the lamp.

Casting the plaster and leave it dry during 10 minutes.
The lamp is ready to be unmold.

Risks and Challenges

To developing lot of molds I need to buy a 3D printer, that my principal challenge.