Onigiri 01


Create your personal plants cultivation system with ONIGIRI! Easy and customizable to have original green design directly at your home!

Onigiri is a 'do-it-yourself' kit you create your personal plant cultivation system with by creative re-using of carpet’s wastes and remnants.
It is designed for external location, making use of hydroponics, a cultivation technique which does not require the use of ground. The project starts from a focus on the layers the carpet is made of: by studing the properties of single materials we split them, exploiting their characteristics to gain an advantage in an unusual context. Bisides, the goal of the project is not to have wastes at all. The plants' containers are easily obtained by folding the plastic part of the carpet, starting from a triangular shape. All the joints and the structure to carry the weight are ropes made by braided plastic wires. The wool is used in place of the ground: with some helping feedings, decorative plants and flowers can grow stronger and in a shorter period of time. This product wants to be unique and customizable: the users will define the place and the way to assemble the 'vessels'. Moreover, each kit is numerated and filled with different seeds and wool colours. Useful to decorate and personalize the space, is a simple way to waste nothing!

Risks and Challenges

The starting challange of the project has been to develop an object for outdoors by ricyling a product which is properly use for indoors: the carpet. Further challenge has been to design a product which pledges no wastes at all through the whole creative process.