Nature placed right next to you.

Bostanik as a kit is a mix of gardening, culinary and craftsmanship. It provides playfulness in the kitchen as it is designed to give a simple but effective, inviting growing environment for herb seeds.

While herbs have long been prized throughout the world for their curative properties this kit not only offers a dose of healing effects but also a small garden for high-spirited culinary applications. Using the principles of hydroculture, a growing technique based in water, Bostanik skips soil but keeps the nutritional value, great freshness and miniature landscape aesthetics. Nature placed right next to you!

Bostanik is an indoor gardening product designed for unlimited freshness within limited spaces.

It acommodates 4-6 herbs throughout the year giving an intimate alternative for people who like to cultivate their own nutritional food, to connect to their passion to cook and enjoy the emotional impact of plants for physical and mental health.

It is supported by electricity, is a modular and super easy to use microcosm, as it is composed from a stand, a telescopic led lamp, a water reservoir that holds the nutrient solution and 6 removable growing trays. The roots of herbs hang down inside the removable trays where they get sprayed with nutrient solution from mister heads at regular short cycles. The regular watering cycles keep the roots moist and from drying out, as well as provide the nutrients the plants need to grow. Moreover, two indications inform the user about the need for watering or adding nutrient tablets.

Bostanik provides the simplicity of convention of a garden without squalidity or sludges, nature in a super concentrated form!

Bostanik is also a vehicle for travelling through an imagined landscape. Furthermore, could be an educational tool for kids to learn about sustainabililty, social and environmental responsibility.

Morakis Dimitris
Tsoupra Ageliki
Xasapopulou Iro
Feloutzi Xristina

Update: Correction note

June 9, 2014

The third name from the designers as they referred above is Chasapopoulou Iro