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Food Filter

Good news! Here Food Filter is a flexible straining implement that brings ease and convenience to the separation of solid and liquid foods.

In the kitchen, there often arises the need to separate solid food from liquid. This task usually requires two implements and two hands - one to hold the container being poured from and one to hold a strainer. The typical strainer easily catches solid food with its mesh while liquid is poured away. However, extracting the liquid from a hot saucepan, for example, can easily lead to spills and splashes of hot liquid on one’s hands.
So how to make the separation of solid and liquid foods convenient and fast? With this problem I started brain storming and then I got inspiration from a hawker who sold fried white radish patties. I found an iron shelf was fitted to the edge of the pan to separate patties from edible oil. This behaviour brought me new design concept.
So here, Food Filter is a convenient straining tool made with silica gel. This flexible implement can be firmly fitted to the edge of a container of any shape. It allows liquid to pass through while solids are retained in the container. The filter can be produced with various grades of perforation to meet further requirements of separation. And elastic silica gel can wrap the edge of the container tightly, so the filter will not fall off while in use.

Risks and Challenges

The biggest challenge is the product shape, structure and material. Because there are very important links between them, as they are also important elements for this concept.