Brick sofa

Modular, ergonomic, adjustable, user-friendly sofa with a timeless design for public and private spaces using memo-foam,felt fabric and wood

Why I created this project?
The last couple of years I worked on two different projects, that required the same product: a sofa. One of the clients wanted a simple, family sofa, and the other one wanted a sofa that is easy to maintain and suited for a club. After finishing those two projects I decided I want to design a new type of sofa, that combines family-style and club-style as well. I wanted a sofa that can be used in small spaces, but also in larger ones. This is the reason why I went for the modular type. I also wanted a timeless design that can be integrated in any interior both traditional and modern, so I used the combination felt-wood. Brick Sofa is perfect for any family with or without children or pets, for students, and public areas like restaurants, clubs, pubs, coffee-shops, because it’s so easy to clean, to assemble and to integrated in any design.

How I created this project?
My goal was to create a ergonomic, user-friendly, modular and stylish product. I also wanted to use as less elements as possible. Therefore I chose materials that served the purpose. On a wooden structure you just have to set the adjustable backrest and the seat, both made out of memory foam. The seat is composed of small memory foam boxes, each covered individually in felt fabric, that are held together by a wide elastic strap. Using these flexible materials assures the comfort and the need of easy maintenance. This set-up can be multiplied as much as needed to cover a large space, or a smaller one. It also can be arranged in different shapes (square, L-shape, rectangle, etc.). Just by changing the color of the materials, Brick Sofa can be integrated in any interior design or environment.

Why you would like the product?
Brick Sofa is the new way to relax after a long day. If you need a sofa for you family or for you coffee-shop Brick Sofa is what you’re looking for. Brick Sofa introduces the concept of using memory-foam to ensure your comfort. Designed to use as less elements as possible, Brick Sofa is easy to assemble and also easy to maintain. Just by adding items to the set-up, you can use Brick Sofa in large spaces or in small ones, and also combine them to get the shape you need for your space. Using the smart combination of felt fabric and wood plus the simple touch of colored buttons, you have a timeless design that can be integrated in any environment just by changing the color of the materials. Everything you’d expect from a sofa, Brick Sofa can guarantee: ergonomic, comfortable, adjustable, easy to maintain and a timeless design! Try the new Brick Sofa, and you’ll never want to sit on anything else!