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3Moods is not a sofa or a bed or a table but all in one. It is a convertible furniture that fits your space, your needs and your life

Houses are getting smaller. Because of this, people need to adapt to the available space. Some might even give up certain things so that they could live comfortably. The apartments for rent are increasingly in demand. This is due to the difficult employment situation we are currently facing. With all of these in mind, it is very important that the furniture that people buy are adaptable to all of the spaces in the home.
On the other hand, when space is not the problem, it is the decoration or the interior design that matters. At times, people tend to accumulate things that are not exactly necessary in our everyday lives. We could say that there is a certain obsession to accumulate things that are not entirely useful: junk. Memories of past interior decorations also play a decisive role in our lives. When we remember how life was in the houses of our parents or grandparents, the first thing that comes to mind is: horror vacui; or at the same time, overly decorated and overwhelming environments. Do we really need so many things? Or is it that we have a certain apprehension to empty spaces, as well as awkward silences?
Furnitures that are transformed according to the needs of the user can be a solution to these problems. If various functions would be concentrated in one furniture, the spatial dimension would be smaller and this will allow us to make better use of our apartments or flats. New technologies are introducing people to the “no-storage” of objects. Books, music, documentation, photos… These things used to need a large space where they can be stored but now they can occupy a virtual space in our lives; we use them only when we need to.
The same can be applied to the furniture we have in our homes. What if we can only bring out the sofa during the times that we really need to use it? What if we can make the dining table disappear when we don’t need it? If we are able to do these changes easily, as easy as opening a door or closing a window, wouldn’t that be a breakthrough to our new perception of current housing? We believe that it is.
Who is behind 3MOODS?
3MOODS has been designed by UNAMO design studio. A Company formed by professionals of the sector of design, art, communication and advertising, Humberto Navarro is the founder. The workshop of ideas where we outlined the designs and the initiatives has its headquarters in the heart of Madrid. Valencia is the place of production and editing of our designs. In this city we have our carpenters, upholsterers and suppliers that give shape to our project. A team of more than ten people is responsible for the implementation of 3MOODS.
What is 3MOODS?
3Moods is the definite piece of furniture because it is a bed, a sofa and a table; all in one. The same piece of furniture can be transformed to adapt to our needs in every moment. It fits to our life.
3Moods is a single bed, a sofa for up to eight people, a chaiselonge for two and in turn, a dining table for eight or a table for four people plus an armchair for two. It can be a desktop and a chaiselonge…The possibilities are many, as much as you need to live your home. A piece of furniture that can be the furniture that you want and you need. It has been created to cover practically all of your needs. Designed for small spaces or for people who are looking for get the most out of the space.
It has been designed to solve the current problem of lack of space in our houses but can be used also in Hotels, or public spaces.

3MOODS is a piece of furniture to be lived in a different way.
Materials and manufacturing process
Our product is built with top quality materials, such as the OKUME plywood 100%, the DM and the stainless steel for the structure. Its upholstery is removable, washable and anti spots. Its manufacturing process combines high technology with the manual work of joinery to give our clientes the final finish so genuine. A process that we take care of the smallest detail so that the customer is satisfied. This duality in the manufacturing process is faithful to the principles of UNAMO design studio trademark. We must look to the future to adapt to the changes, but without forgetting the past. Without the essence of what we are, our roots, we'd be nothing.

How can you help 3MOODS?
3Moods is currently in the final stage of prototyping. We have already been polished all the left-overs and we are about to launch the product. 3MOODS is taking a wide acceptance among the public young and middle-aged, what makes our sales forecasts are optimistic.
We need to promote the product and positioning it in physical stores as well as on our website, through an online shop. We need also to have presence in Pop-up stores and alternatives fairs of design with the goal of reaching a more specialized audience. It is important to carry out advertising and promotional campaigns on social networks and media, televisions, specialized magazines, websites, promotional platforms, etc…

Risks and Challenges

Enter a new typology of furniture in the market as well as a new way of living our home. Interact with the furniture beyond the preset. Lack of space in home is a problem shared by many; the challenge is to make people understand the product, its functioning, the possibilities that it offers and how you can change the way to live your home: to understand the furniture as a functional object raised to the maximum exponent, because it is not only a question of fixed elements and distant, but functional parts that are asleep until we need it. Then, with our help, they wake up to be what we want it to be, in every moment, depending on our needs.