Meg gui

MEG-GUI interface controlling all the key parameters from your mobile device


Example of timeline in which you can create your "Farming Plan"

Meg schematic

Schematic of MEG's main features

MEG, Micro Experimental Growing

MEG is the World's first social and automated greenhouse. Part machine part community. Support MEG and be a home-growing game changer!

We hope to meet with Nature halfway, so we developed MEG, which stands for Micro-Experimental-Growing. MEG is an indoor, open-source, LED based and automated greenhouse, which allows you to precisely control all the key parameters for growing your plants, such as Light-cycles (wavelenghts, intensity, durations), Ventilation, Temperature, Irrigation, Soil PH.

Thanks to a dedicated online platform, to which it is directly connected, you can share or acquire the information about the efficacy of your settings over the plant's life cycle, thus contributing to the development of a shared knowledge accessible to anyone. The embodied technology helps you to act more efficiently, while still experimenting with your growing performance.

Since all the construction details are Open-Source, a worldwide community can also contribute to improve MEG's hardware and software, providing the driving-force for acquiring knowledge and refining the necessary hardware. The global social and cultural scenario and the sensitiveness on self-growing is going toward a turning point in less than five years; MEG wants to be ready for that. It may become the first scientific collaborative system, putting the most innovative micro-growing technology and information in ones hands - aiming to improve our consciousness of Nature through Growing Automation.

We believe in Micro-Growing and want to build since now an open system of Information and Hardware to meet the big change that, in a span of 5 years, will affect the home-Growing market.