DESKA Board CitySurf

Surf the Streets! DESKA Board’s CitySurf brings the thrill of extreme sports like snowboarding and surfing to the streets! Enjoy the Ride!

The board is made of a combination of lightweight aluminum & carbon and carbon Kevlar. Every part of the board are hand-made elements on the highest quality of the industry. A special disc-break control lever placed at the back,(to the solo wheel) which gives the possibility to stop immediately anywhere. The board has a banded convex shape, creating a low weight point for the board. What's more, it's comes with a windsurf "Foot Strap" system, enabling them to jump and more stable turns.

To give you even more thrills, the board can be equipped with a windsurfing sail for those places with no downhill roads or snow. The the development is in a process since more then 2 years, and now I have 5 different prototypes. One of them is nearly perfect, and I would like to put it into mass production. The only thing that's missing is the money to start. Now I'm shooting the video so in 1-2 week it will be finished. I love this project and I believe in the DESKA so I hope it will be a success story :)

I would offer the board to: windsurf and snowboard riders, and for those who like long boards, and other board sports. It is also ideal for beginners, because it is quite easy to use. /Because of the "wide wheelbase" the big wheels but low weight point of gravity and of course the possibility of braking any time.

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Thanks for watching & Enjoy the ride!
Csaba Tolgyesy
(founder of DESKA)

This project is dedicated to my superhero grandmother who always believed in my dreams.

Risks and Challenges

Now the board is 99% finished, but due to the revolutionary new technologies used in Deska, we have no long term experience with the materials.

Update: Official DESKA Board Facebook page

July 3, 2014

You can read more, and enjoy lot of pictures about the whole project at the official Facebook page of DESKA Board at: Join Now! Have a nice Day!

Update: Thanks for yesterdays's heroes!

September 12, 2014

Thanks for the contributors from yesterday! - Pasi from Finnland - And Sasi from Hungary (hun119) Their pictures will be printed on the world's first production DESKA Board and their names will be displayed in the credits! Make your contribution on the campaign at: Enjoy The Ride!


July 14, 2014

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED ON MY PROJECT! It was not in vain, because it won the "People's Choice" price! That means a 2500 EUR budget for development of the board. Follow the project at I will jump into crowdfunding next week, and the first pre-orderings will be available. Have a nice day, and Thank You again! Csaba Tölgyesy


September 8, 2014

Dear DESKA community! The moment we've been waiting for has arrived - DESKA is now ready and available! To celebrate the launch, we're offering you the chance to own your very own DESKA at a special introductory price. You can view the campaign at and help make DESKA a success by sharing the campaign with your friends. Campaign starts at 10:30 a.m (CET) > until this time the link is not available. Be the first to get your DESKA ;) All the Best and thanks for your votes/support! Csaba Tölgyesy (father of DESKA) Enjoy the ride!

Update: It can only succeed TOGETHER!

October 2, 2014

Only 28 Days left from the indiegogo campaign! Join today, it can only succeed together! DESKA has lot's of wonderful reward, check out the campaign at:

Update: The Last day of the contest

July 11, 2014

Thanks to All of You who supported the DESKA Board project! I got so many messages with full of positive feedback, and it was amazing. I will inform you about the results as soon as the jury decided about the projects. Cross your fingers! The last thing what I would like to ask on the last day of the contest, is a share to get more people on the campaign. I hope DESKA will be available to anyone! Keep informed at the official Facebook page at: Enjoy the ride! Csaba Tölgyesy (Father of DESKA)

Update: $10000 Milestone at indiegogo

September 30, 2014

Hi! Still need your support to make this dream come true, so please share the project and drop few bucks on the campaign today! We have to brake out the $10000 milestone at the indiegogo campaign until tomorrow! It's now or never for the DESKA Board project so please share it, support it with few dollars, or get your very own board by pre-ordering through on the campaign for a very special price at: Enjoy the campaign and check out the great rewards that DESKA offers in return for your contribution! The exhibition and test day in Budapest was awesome and very successful. Next exhibition/ Test Day: LONDON at HP Z Pop studio, oct. 6. Thanks for your Support, and Enjoy the Ride! We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Just drop us an email, or leave your comment on the campaign page at: Please join today! Let's make it a SUCCESS together! Cheers, Csaba Tolgyesy /The dreamer

Update: DESKA Board in the NEWS / DESKA a Híradóban

October 31, 2014

DESKA project is highlighted in the Hungarian News! (Language of the riport film is Hungarian) Enjoy at: Only 9 days left to make DESKA project a success! Please join with few bucks today! Have a nice weekend! ;)

Update: Countdown ha sbeen started

November 4, 2014

The Final countdown has been started! 5 Days left to make this dream come true, so please help us to make DESKA happen! Not so much missing! Share & contribute few bucks and it will rock the streets :) Thanks, The DESKA Team

Update: 58 hours left to make DESKA Board happen

November 6, 2014

The project is 80% founded! Please join with few bucks as soon as you can! Shares are appreciated! Campaign link below:

Update: First DESKA Store

December 8, 2014

Our store is waiting for You! DESKA pre-orders now available at our fist online store! Visit the first online shop on the link: All the Best, DESKA Board