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An amigurumi XXL can be more than a big friend

Amigurumi XXL

An amigurumi XXL more than a toy can be a big friend for your lifetime. With your support everyone can have one.

Hello! / ¡Hola!
We are Lalala Toys, a small company dedicated to design unique handmade toys in Barcelona. We make amigurumies, a Japanese technique by which you can make dolls in crochet.

How it starts
One day, looking for new materials to create dolls, we found the cotton rope and we fell in love. We bought some colors without having a clear idea of what we could do. We started knitting the classic pouf, but as we had always made dolls, we thought, why not make a doll with rope?, and in that moment the first amigurumi XXL was born, a Rabbit. It was love at first sight, we began to make new trips to the haberdashery to find new colors, and then, new animals were appearing. We could not stop, we even created a whole zoo of 18 different animals using rope and felt.

What can you do with an amigurumi XXL?
People love it because you can make different things with them, you can embrace them, play with them, confess your deepest secrets, and even dance with them.

But... we have a big problem!
We have introduced our product in trade shows and shops, and everybody love it at first sight. But our method of production, the cost of materials and the size makes the final price be very high to the market. We would like everyone to have the chance to enjoy one, so we decided to share our knowledge and make a book to teach everyone to make their own XXL. This is our project!

Everyone should have the chance to have an amigurumi XXL. DIY!

Amigurumi XXL:
- Material: rope, stuff y felt.
- Size: 19,6 x 19,6 in / 50 cm x 50 cm
- Weight: 6,5 - 8,8 lb / 3 - 4 Kg.

- 18 different projects
- English and Spanish version
- Size: 8,6 x 10,8 in / 22 x 27,5 cm
- 96 pages
- Chlorine-free paper
- Paperback / Matte lamination
- Full color
- Patterns and charts
- Illustrations and how-to photos.
- Very interesting tips

Special note: You can support our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today!

Risks and Challenges

Everyone likes the amigurumies XXL, and children drives them crazy, but transport to all parts of the world is a little expensive. But if we can design a book to teach the patterns and all the how-to tips, it seems a fair way to share the joy of having such a giant toy near to you. We believe in these dolls and many people want to take them. Our fundraising goal to the book is 2500€, but if with your help we overcome it, we want to develop a website with support information, tips, trivia, tutorials, how-to videos, so your adventure with the XXL does not end on a shelf. This is not our first pattern book in English, but it is the first book self-published by us in Spanish and English. We know that with your help the world be filled with amigurumies XXL.

Update: New video showing our book

June 19, 2014

Visit our channel in Vimeo and do a quick flip through our Amigurumi XXL book.

Update: Digital XXL

June 24, 2014

Our book will have a digital version also, in this video you can take a look :-) Nuestro libro tendrá una versión digital también. En este vídeo podrás echar un vistazo.

Update: XXL Numbers

July 3, 2014

Hello friends, we're so excited to share all the news with you. Our crowdfunding campaign is alive and kicking in Indiegogo, we almost have the 60% with 20 days left. Everyday we have new contributions and more people are talking about our book in the social medias and blogs. If we mantain this rythm, we are sure to reach our goal and maybe more :-) And talking about numbers, see our new video "Numbers XXL": Visit our project on Indiegogo: Hola amigos, estamos muy contentos de compartir las novedades con todos vosotros. Nuestra campaña en Indiegogo está vivita y coleando, ya casi hemos llegado al 60% de nuestra meta con 20 días por delante. Todos los días tenemos nuevas contribuciones y cada vez más gente está hablando de nuestro proyecto en las redes sociales y en los blogs. Si logramos mantener el ritmo estamos seguros de alcanzar nuestra meta y quizás superarla. Y aprovechando que estamos hablando de números vea nuestro nuevo vídeo "Números XXL": No deje de visitar nuestro proyecto en Indiegogo:

Update: Indiegogo Amigurumi XXL

July 7, 2014

This is the last week of Launch Box contest. But not to our campaign on Indiegogo. Visit us and check it! We made some updates, put new videos, more graphics and a clear explanation for how will gonna spend the money. Take a look:

Update: Amigurumi XXL Facebook page

July 10, 2014

Remember that the contest will end soon, but you can follow our project at :: Recuerda que el concurso se acabará pero puedes seguir nuestro proyecto en

Update: Thank you

July 11, 2014

Thank you for voting and supporting this project. Our Amigurumies XXL are going to conquer the world: ///// Gracias por votar y por apoyar este proyecto. Nuestros XXL van a conquistar el mundo con tu ayuda: