The fort, playhouse, castle, tunnel, car, truck, spaceship building system in a box

Imagine, create, learn and grow

Kids (big & small) love nothing more than to create amazing dens for secret hideouts and play fight with friends to defend their castle or serve tea in their miniature house. It's great fun and keeps them occupied for ages. But what we often don’t realise is the benefit they’re getting from this type of activity. Imaginative and constructive play are essential skills that children need to help them develop for later life.

Chaos occurs when all the cushions from the sofas get piled up and the bed sheets dragged off and tied to the door handles in pursuit of creating that special imaginary space. But it’s this creative, pretend play that’s setting children up to deal with experiences in later life. Play unlocks learning and developmental benefits that last a lifetime.

The combination of watching my own two ‘enthusiastic' den builders play, a background in design and a passion for making things work has led me to create Bildy.

Bildy is a fun to build construction system that helps children create their own special spaces which they can play/hide/or sleep inside. It’s flexible - so it's a playhouse one day, a shop, castle or fort the next. A car quickly transforms into a truck for deliveries or a bus for the school run. The real magic happens when they feel empowered to design their own structures. Then the list of what can be created becomes endless. Unlike other toys on the market, Bildy isn't restricted to just one thing, by challenging their imagination they can build whatever they want, creating their own magical stories along the way.

Bildy is really simple to construct. It also dismantles just as easily to be rebuilt into something else again and again or to be put away for another day. It’s a great way for parents to interact with their children but also a fun activity for children to do by themselves or with friends.

It’s the little details that count

In every box there’ll be individually designed panels of varying amounts. Each design has been carefully thought out to fit in with other panels. There’s no set order for them. That choice is left to the children. Some will have illustrations such as wheels and windows and some will have patterns. The panels will all be interchangeable and reversible and the gender neutral illustrations ensure that it appeals to both boys and girls.

The material for the panels has been carefully selected too. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, a greyboard material, (a 100% post consumer paper waste product), has been chosen for the panels. It’s solid, strong, durable, not too heavy and unlike corrugated cardboard will last many years to come.

There’ll also be a set of connectors that join the panels together. I’ve spent a long time perfecting these. From initial designs of multiple connectors to the final design of a single circular connector that fits several panels together at various different angles.

So far I've had a set 3D printed for testing, filed for a patent and registered the design. The next step is to get the tooling produced and manufactured. The connectors will then be injection moulded from recyclable polycarbonate to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

Instructions with ideas for what can be built will be included but the emphasis is on creativity and imagination, so there’ll be pages intentionally left blank to fill in with your own designs.

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on the packaging as well. I want it to be an intrinsic part of the design that is far more than just a box to hold the panels.

Developing the builders of tomorrow

Play is crucial to a child’s development and imaginative play is the rationale behind Bildy. The ability to make one thing represent another, to picture things that aren’t there are all part of the learning process.

When children actively take part in role plays, they naturally become someone or something else. It stimulates their imagination and encourages them to experiment with the social and emotional roles of life. During role play they learn how to take turns, share responsibility, and creatively problem-solve as well as experiencing activities like literacy and numeracy. In playing shop they learn about money, about politeness and the right way to ask questions and respond. Self-esteem is built when they discover they can be anything just by pretending. Role play can help them make sense of their world.

Bildy encourages children to be creative by not putting restrictions on what can be built, they create their own stories. What would be a postal delivery van to one child could be an icecream van to another. A house could be a shop, castle or theatre. By constructing things, children are being introduced to the basics of engineering and design skills at an early age.

The reward levels

Crowdfunding is an innovative, imaginative way of getting funding for creative projects that might otherwise never see the light of day. It’s taken investment to a new level. And it’s not just about the money (although that helps a lot!) it’s also about being part of a unique community that facilitates collaboration and provides valuable meaningful feedback from the people that really matter. It’s about providing unique innovative quality products that people really want.

I’ve compiled a list of rewards that I plan to offer. I think there’s a range to suit most people. It’d be great to know what you think of them.



Thank you for supporting me it’s much appreciated - you’ll get updates as the project progresses and a chance to upgrade your pledge at a later date if you so choose.



As a thank you for supporting me at this level I’ll send you a pdf drawing of a mini house, castle or car that you can print and fold up at home. Just the right size to sit on your desk.


£15 - DIYers

If you’d prefer to create your own panels then by pledging £15 you’ll get a pack of connectors (40) that’ll help you make your own creations.


£25 - T-shirt

As well as the downloadable pdf, you'll get a kids size Bildy T-shirt and a pack of stickers.


£30 - Starter set

This mini set provides you with 10 patterned panels and 30 connectors to start your building off. Ideas of what you could build could be a small house, car or kennel for your toy pet.


£55 - House, car & truck set

Consisting of 25 panels and 80 connectors, this set gives you windows for your house and wheels for your car as well as extra panels. The extra panels mean you can build bigger things such as a playhouse, car, truck, puppet theatre, tunnel, and mini fort.


£100 - Castle, Fort & Space Rocket set

If you’re into building castles and forts then this is the set for you. With 48 panels and 160 connectors, as well as building all the things in the previous sets, you can build a fantasy castle or super fort. The space rocket and moon base are pretty cool too.


£250 - Giant set

This really awesome set means business. Just think of the amazing forts with turrets and escape tunnels that could be built with 200 panels and 700 connectors! A great place for nerf gun battles too for participants of all ages! You'll also get the full set of downloadable pdfs, a kids size Bildy T-shirt and a giant pack of stickers.


Stretch goals

If I go over my goal, as well as breathing a huge sigh of relief, I’ll also be able to look at offering additional products as rewards such as cut-outs in the panels, erasable blackboard/whiteboard panels and additional options for add-on sets such as shop fronts and ice cream vans.

Breathing life into Bildy

So far, everything up to prototype stage I’ve funded myself. The next stage is where it gets serious and where I need help. To produce the tooling and manufacture the panels to the minimum viable print run takes money. With every backer, it moves me one step closer to reaching my goal of putting Bildy into production.

The crowdfunding campaign will not only help me to raise the essential capital, but also gives me a greater understanding of its demand in the marketplace. My kids and I think it's great. It'd be amazing to gauge how much other interest there is in it too.

The prospect of being able to share my creation with everyone is so exciting and it would be amazing to see what other children build with their sets too.

If you've made it to this point, thanks for reading you're amazing. Please vote for Bildy to help me take it further and follow my journey on twitter and facebook


Update: 'Nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination' William Arthur Ward

June 24, 2014

What a great weekend we’ve just had! Not only was the sun out in full force, which meant lots of fun outdoor play, but we also had a great time playing with Bildy inside. My youngest daughter had a friend over for tea so of course we had to get out Bildy. We built a playhouse, they dressed up, changed, and dressed up again and again and played in it for ages - they even had their tea inside it. Then, as my eldest daughter had a project to get in for school, we built a puppet theatre together. She made some finger puppets and scripted a little play to act out which I filmed for her to take in. They also helped me to devise our own version of the poem 'Monday’s child' which you can see unfold each day on our Facebook page. Hope you like it. Keep spreading the word and hopefully Bildy will become a reality for everyone to play with.

Update: Anyone for Ice Cream?

July 1, 2014

As a little thank you for your support, I've created an ice-cream flavoured colouring sheet that you can print-out for your little ones to enjoy. I'm working on some panels for a Bildy ice cream van at the moment so thought it was fitting. If you'd like a free copy visit my facebook page where you'll see the link to download and print it out. There's no catch, no sign-up needed, just my way of saying thanks for all the support and lovely messages I've had so far. Please continue to share the project and keep your fingers crossed. Thank you!

Update: Last Day

July 11, 2014

Today's the last day for voting. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks for supporting Bildy. I've had some fantastic feedback and people have already shown interest in purchasing. Follow Bildy on facebook to stay up-to-date with how it all goes Thanks, Jayne

Update: I've launched!

October 6, 2014

I'm really excited to announce that I've (finally!) launched Bildy on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform. There's a range of reward levels that I hope will suit most budgets so it would be really great to get your support by pledging for a reward as well as sharing the project with your friends and families. It'll be an exciting and hectic 50 days of campaigning but something I'm really looking forward to. I'd love it if you could join with me on the journey. Jayne