How It Works


More than just a contest, #LaunchBox is an online showcase designed to attract supporters and attention to new products yet to seek crowdfunding. As a visitor to the showcase, find the projects that appeal to you most. Provide comments and feedback, follow projects to receive progress updates to learn when you can support their crowdfunding campaign. Be part of the success of a great new innovation and the first to try it out!


1 Grand Prize & 2 Finalists were determined by the jury, and 1 People’s Choice prize was determined by online vote. Each are direct contributions to the project campaign for the prize winners announced 14 July, 2014:


Maxwell Bogue - Founder of 3Doodler

3Doodler was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Max co-founded WobbleWorks (the maker of the 3Doodler) in 2010. From film school to computer science to toy inventor, Max’s past spans time working on She Spies, as well as three years as an R&D Project Manager at WowWee where he launched products including Rovio, RS Media and ChatterBots.

Evan Clabots - Senior Vice President of Design at

Fab is Everyday Design. Fab’s mission is to help people better their lives with design - they procure many of products directly from designers. They help their design partners showcase their life’s work and sell to more than 12 million design-enthusiasts around the world.

Anastasia Emmanuel - Community Manager at Indiegogo UK

Anastasia encourages crowdfunding growth across the UK through education & empowerment, discovering & supporting campaigners, and engaging communities through events, workshops, & social media. Indiegogo is a way for people all over the world to join forces to make ideas happen. Since ‘08, millions have empowered hundreds of thousands of inventors, do-gooders – & many more – to bring their dreams to life.

Laurence Kemball-Cook - Founder and CEO of Pavegen

Pavegen is an innovative clean tech company that has pioneered a flooring technology, generating electricity from the kinetic energy of footfall. Having graduated with a 1st class honors in ID & Tech from Loughborough University, Laurence has always been enthusiastic about entrepreneurship & technology. He is a regular speaker at various tech & entrepreneurship events worldwide, including TED & the UN’s +20 climate conference.


  When did the LaunchBox contest take place?

  Through 8 April, 2014 - 6 June, 2014, Cut&Paste, Intel, & HP invited product designers to submit their ideas. those entries were showcased and voted on from 9 June, 2014 – 11 July, 2014. On 14 July, 2014, LaunchBox winners were announced.

  Who could enter?

  Residents of the European Union over the age of 18 on 11 July 2014 with projects that had not received any sales revenues nor received any crowdsourced funds. Want to see LaunchBox in your area? Contact Us!

  How were the projects selected for showcasing?

  Cut&Paste conducted a targeted campaign of direct invitation to Europe’s top product entrepreneurs, industrial designers, and hardware startups to submit their up-and-coming projects. The intent was to curate a wide variety of high quality thinkers, designers, and innovators to help bridge the gap to a crowdfunding.

  Is there a fee to be a part of LaunchBox?

  Never! LaunchBox is totally free-of-charge.

  What happens to all the intellectual property that’s submitted as projects?

  All entrants maintain all their intellectual property and can do with it as they please. LaunchBox is a non-spec contest and showcase. Besides, it’s not much of a showcase if a claim was made on submitted material. Duh, right?

  Why submit to LaunchBox?

  Who couldn’t use an extra €10,000? And who couldn’t use more supporters, followers, and feedback on their prospective campaign? We’ve yet to meet anyone doing crowdfunding who has too much of everything. Just sayin'…

  I found some great projects to support and want to share them with my friends. How can I?

  Each project page comes with specific Facebook and Twitter sharing links so you can easily let your friends know about any projects you support.

  Why is LaunchBox only eligible for European projects? Why isn’t it global?

  This first iteration of LaunchBox is intended to be a launching pad for European projects that are under-represented on the popular crowdfunding platforms including Kickstarter which don’t fully support European projects yet. Our goal is to provide an extra push for European entrepreneurs. In the future, Cut&Paste would like to host LaunchBox contests for more/all entrepreneurs. Stay tuned!

Any more questions? Contact us here.


LaunchBox is a collaboration between Cut&Paste and HP.

Cut&Paste is where creatives come to play. Through events and online programs, we work to increase relationships between emerging designers, creative companies and media.

For 30 years HP has helped professionals simplify their technology experience. HP Workstations are designed to meet the demands of professionals who work with large and complex datasets, and intricate 3D models, setting the standard for innovation, performance, and reliability.